Everton Library: The Time is Now

This much-loved public building is 125-years-old in 2021
The time is now to rally support for it to be fully restored for Everton and the wider community.

Join Our Campaign to Open Everton Library

OPEN is the action word for our public-facing campaign. We are committed to OPENING the doors of the building, firstly to surveyors and creatives to scope, then to making the restoration happen in an OPEN way, always staying OPEN to new ideas and innovations.

In September 2021 Liverpool City Council Cabinet signed off funds for remedial works which are set to start in autumn 2021. These works should enable the building to dry out and to be protected from winter storms this year and to make the building possible to access for more detailed survey work to be able to be conducted. These funds will be matched with grant funding and public support is critical to make the best case for this funding.

“The greenest building is an existing building”. Our 3 core objectives are inspired by Greta Thunberg, we firstly need to PROTECT this Grade II-listed landmark public building.

Secondly, to RESTORE the building to become a thriving community hub for the next 125 years, a beacon of energy-efficiency with space to work, learn ecological skills and exchange on the rich, local heritage. And crucially to FUND every stage of the restoration in a way

which feeds and strengthens the local economy, generating local employment and active engagement.

This year on October 9th 2021 Everton Library is 125 years old. To mark this occasion there will be a community celebration on the green space next to Everton Library.

We want local people to spread this campaign across the world, by contacting friends and family who may recognise and care about the future of this worldclass community asset.

UNESCO UK National Commission have commended the work of Ken Rogers matching the names of families to the streets of Everton which were demolished, so this archive is a pillar of our campaign www.losttribeofeverton.com

Our plan will adopt these Five Principles from Blueprint for Better Business

Our Core Objectives

  • Protect

  • Restore

  • Fund

The building

Everton Library was opened in 1896 as a Public Library and a Technical Institute for dockers.  Designed and built by civic architect Thomas Shelmerdine, it closed in 2006 after 110 years serving the community. Two schemes in 2014 and 2016 failed to reach the restoration phase. In 2019/ 2020 a new attempt to raise funds to restore this landmark building for community use got underway.

Our vision is to repurpose the library as a public, social space and technical institute for the C21st: a multi-purpose community hub and skills provider for green jobs, incorporating a welcoming café and family heritage centre.



How can you help?

  • Fund

    Please get in touch by registering with your contact details if you are interested in having a discussion about funding the project and want to see more detail on our fundraising strategy and costed stages of the project.

    Please email support@evertonlibrary.org

  • Share

    Share our campaign info with friends, family and business contacts.

  • Get Involved

    Nominate or become one of our 125 Ambassadors Join one of our three campaign groups which are:-


    Email your connection to the Library and interest to support@evertonlibrary.org